Make More Profit, Stop The Daily Grind & Escape the Rat-Race 

Because life is too much fun to work all the time.

Our gift to overworked business owners


The escape the rat-race checklist  (our gift to you), will help you build ANY business (offline or online) so it runs profitably AND  independently of you.


This is the most important thing you can do if you want the free time and profit to live your deepest dreams and spend more quality time with the people you love.

In short, a business that runs independently of you is required to exit the rat race. 

You may choose to work (like we do because we love what we do - but the thing is you don't have to - when you don't want to).


If you don't download it you are mad....but that is your choice!


FREE - Escape the Rat Race Checklist

Follow this step by step checklist  to ensure you build a 'really' profitable business that gets you out of the rat race. 

It's about producing a cashflow pipeline


Think of an ATM machine. It's a system that runs without you and gives you money. You will learn to build a system that produces profit without you - or minimising the need for you. (You decide to work or not). 

Business owners who are also mothers, are torn between mothering roles and business!


In our experience, business owners who are mothers, juggle far too much. It's like they are trying to be superwoman - the perfect business owner, perfect mother, perfect partner. Wired to nurture - it is hard to say NO!


This often leaves them with no time to look after their own needs - and this can lead to burnout, apathy and at worst - depression.


It always ensures low profit and roadblocks to growth in business.

It doesn't need to be that way. Build a business that runs independently of you. It solves ALL these problems - yes you get your life back.

We love helping women business owners get their life back! 

Being trapped in your business, forgoing your dreams and family time is NO way to live life!


As Henry David Thoreau quoted - 'the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation - deeply disconnected from what matters to them, their passions, their heart, constantly put on the back burner to work, hoping one day to get the lives they once lived back.'


It doesn't need to be that way. A business that runs independently of you gives you the free time and wealth to live your dreams fully.

I used to work 80 hours a week… within 3 months I’m working 20 hours a week and earning 2 times my earlier income. April Absalom, Tease Me Hair Culture.

My business increased by 700% and I am working way less hours. I look back and I can't believe it, where I was to where I am now. Bernie O'Keefe, On Trax Construction.

If you can't leave your business for 3 months of fun and adventure - YOU don't own a business - it owns YOU!


One of the great things about a profitable self-managed business, is that you can go on long holidays, live where you want, write a book, do volunteer work for your favourite aid organisation or charity - It truly gives you freedom.

Meet The Founder


For the last 24 years, Perry Mardon has been travelling with his family, surfing, exploring, eating quality cuisine all over the world, and living in places they love like Hawaii, Byron Bay, West Coast Of New Zealand and Indonesia.


This lifestyle has been funded by 3 businesses in 3 different industries (offline and online) that Perry set up to run independently of him.


The head facilitators and trainers here at Mardon have all created great lifestyles from businesses that run independently from them. You are in great hands!


When your business runs independently of you - you get the gift of profit and free time (The two nessesary ingredients for an EXCEPTIONAL Lifestyle).


Find out more about us here.


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