"Our philosophy is simple. Life's about having the freedom to do the things that you love. That's our goal with all our clients."

Perry Mardon


Leave the call with the exact blueprint you need to build a highly profitable business that runs independently of you (free yourself from the day to day processes of your business so you can get your time back).


Perry Mardon - Business Coach and Mentor


Hi, I am Perry Mardon aka the business oracle (more on that below), an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, father and the founder of Mardon International (here with the love of my life Ann Maree).

I transform overwhelmed business owners into 7-figure CEOs...using my proven '4-Step Freedom Formula' that enables you to scale for profit, work 50% less hours and build a dream team of high performers around you.


Here is how all this started...and how I can help you achieve the same.


At 18 I moved to Hawaii to do one thing -  surf! That is where I met my  'surf and ski bum' business mentors that changed my life.  They were both in their 40's, surfed as much as me, they also skied, and travelled constantly with their families - and had far, far more money than me, or anyone I knew.


They were the first people I met who had built businesses that enabled them to live their passions and life purpose.  

Through our relationship they taught me how to build any business to run independently of me so that I could build the same lifestyle for myself.


I took their teaching and developed it further working with 100's of business owners around the world, refining the process into a proven system - my '4-Step Freedom Formula' (that we now teach our clients).


This system has personally enabled me to build multiple successful businesses at the same time as enjoying the  freedom to surf, sail and travel all over this wonderful planet with my family - while my businesses didn't just run, but thrived without me!

When I do choose to work it's doing exactly what I love; face-to-face with the people I love (our clients), running mastermind groups, training and mentoring - sharing this freedom generating information.


Stopping their STRESS - and gaining them freedom from the hamster wheel of their businesses!


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But Strategy And A Proven System Isn’t All That Is Required

Here is why I am called The Business Oracle and how my 'extraordinary ability' will serve you

Strategy is just one part of it. If strategy was all that was required then more business owners would be free of their businesses...but they are not. Your mind and how it has been conditioned by your family, education and society is the other part that plays a massive role in your evolution as an entrepreneur.


Case in point - I am yet to work with a business owner who has not been unconsciously TRAINED via the education system to be a hard working slave to their business (and before they work with me they can’t even see that about themselves). The education system we all went through is set up to create compliant cogs who trade time for money for a capitalistic system ...you were trained to be a resource rather than a controller of resources.


This kind of conditioning does its ‘devils’ work deep in your unconscious and truly meddles with the type of thinking, believing and acting required to build a business that can set you free.


That is just one example. You will have a whole heap of unconscious thought and belief patterns limiting your entrepreneurial potential that must be upgraded before you can achieve your entrepreneurial dream.


Here’s another way to think about it:

“If I always do what I’ve always done,

I’ll always get what I’ve always got.

And, I’ll always do what I’ve always done,

If I always think like I’ve always thought.”



Leave the call with the exact blueprint you need to build a highly profitable business that runs independently of you (free yourself from the day to day processes of your business so you can get your time back).


Real Results...

Truth is; Every entrepreneur was born a unique being with tremendous potential to achieve high levels of success and fulfilment as an entrepreneur...it just needs to be nurtured.


Much like the tiny acorn whose destiny is to become a remarkable, unique oak tree, our true destiny, if we heed our inner calling, is to become self-actualised entrepreneurs so we can help create a better world for ourselves, our families, our clients and for others while maximising our profit potential.


Unfortunately, for most, that intended entrepreneurial destiny becomes an unfulfilled dream. Why? It’s primarily due to our inability to access our true potential, mainly because of interferences that block our ability to see or think in new or different ways that would in fact “set us free.”


Like Gulliver who could not access his personal power because the little people had tied him up, as children we unknowingly “tied ourselves up” with thoughts and beliefs that in our adulthood, keep us from accessing our entrepreneurial potential.


In short, we become “stuck” in our past habits which are mostly unconscious to us. That is where my oracle abilities serve you like no other can.


Simply put, I see your blocks instantly the moment I meet you - the blocks that are stopping you from going to the highest level of your entrepreneurial journey. The blocks deepest down in your unconscious, undermining your profit potential. I see them instantly - like magic.




I am your competitive advantage because no other business coach I know of has this ability (and if there is please let me know). With my ability to provide the ‘4-Step Freedom Formula’ (strategy) along with my ability to help you to Observe Understand and Transform (OUT) your entrepreneurial behaviour, thinking and belief patterns (evolve and upgrade) you are in the best possible hands.  Skeptics welcome (I like blowing minds :))

Watch this video from Chad he recorded after my first call with him :) 


Leave the call with the exact blueprint you need to change your business...and change your life!


"From working 60 hours a week struggling to get by financially, I now work 2 days a week, while my staff run my business with ease."

Jo Thompson
Bn2 Health

"Clients increased by 50% AND more amazingly I had 3 day weekends whilst achieving this!"

Dr Nino Gullotta
Co Smile Orthodontists

"As a direct result of working with Perry I have experienced a 50-60% increase in profit!"

Dr Wayne Pickstone
Herve Bay Wellness Clinic

"Within 6 months my business has increased it's annual turnover by $70k and I am booked solid. Thank you Perry!"

Lorraine Mill
Natural Therapist

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