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Entrepreneurship & Human Behaviour Facebook Group.

This facebook group is for business owners wanting to know more about building a self managed business.  

The group is dedicated to giving business owners the psychological and intellectual edge. The decisions you make, the actions you take and the beliefs that guide you -- all of the factors that rule your psyche -- can either help or hinder your results ability to build a successful profitable self managed business.

Within this facebook group we explore the intersection of business and behaviour, we’ll reveal the traits and strategies most likely to generate explosive profits and common roadblocks that may be keeping you stuck from going to the next level in business.

We provide members of this facebook group with heaps of quality content, videos, audios, podcasts and regular live webinars, Q and A's etc 

With special emphasis on giving you.

  1. Tips and strategies to build a self managed business
  2. Insight into the behaviours that undermine and support successful business building
  3. Members exclusive webinars on a. 'how to' build a self managed business b. 'how to' overcome business and profit limiting psychological blocks c. developing the psychology required to build a successful business. 

Who's it for? 

  • You  are interested in how your personal psychology impacts your ability to build a successful business...and you want to learn from leaders in this rare field of expertise.
  • You want more insight into the strategies required to build a self managed business.

If you would like to join the group please visit the

Entrepreneurship and Human Behaviour group facebook page

and click "Join Group."

(This is a closed group and you will need to be approved by our staff.)

Business INsights Community Facebook Group

In the Business INsights Community Facebook Group you get everything in the Entrepreneurship and Human Behaviour Facebook Group PLUS;

  • Weekly live online workshop.
  • Live hot seats (where we work directly with members)
  • Live Q and A sessions (weekly)
  • Member case studies.
  • Discuss challenges directly with our coaches.

Plus you get access to your own library with;

  • Foundational video training starter kit: 12 video recordings on EVERYTHING you need to build a self-managed business, including finding your dream team, setting up systems of process and cultivating a millionaire mindset. It's as easy as pressing “play” and following the step-by-step.
  • A library of video tips and audios etc 

This closed facebook group is a big part of Business Insights Community - and at $29.00 a week the best value education available in the market place. Check out Business INsights Community to learn more.


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