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Business INsights Community 

A community dedicated to helping you build a business that runs without you always being in the driver’s seat! 

If you’re like most business owners, you have a desire to make more money without always having to babysit your business. You dream of travelling more and pursuing cherished hobbies, while knowing with certainty that your business is running smoothly without you and revenue is rolling in.


This kind of business is called a self managed business - A self managed business runs efficiently and profitably without you, thereby freeing up more time for travel, family or whatever you want...including just enjoying yourself more!


This is the only business model that can deliver your dream lifestyle and profit.

  • The ability to choose whether you to go to work or not
  • The ability to earn passive income
  • Far less stress (once built they are a joy to run)
  • Live anywhere
  • Travel
  • Sell for good money (investors don't want to buy a job).
  • Exceptional lifestyle / live your dreams
  • Be in your purpose

But here’s the thing: The number one challenge almost ALL small and medium business owners face is to get their business running without them.


It's not their fault. Most business owners have not been taught the core principles and strategies required to build a self managed business (every business decision must be founded on these principles and strategies - or you will continue to build a business that keeps you stuck in the rat race).


And to make matter worse


Unless you grew up in a very wealthy entrepreneurial family, you're most likely to have been programmed on a psychological level to be a resource in your business - rather than building a profit producing business asset that runs without you. 


As a  result you will be running your business with all sorts of 'unconscious' beliefs and behaviours - driving decisions / actions that that will just keep you trapped in your business (regardless of your 'know how'.

Fortunately for members of Business INSights Community we are experts in the principles, strategies and psychology required to build a self managed business - so you can enjoy life more, while not having to work around the clock.



Introducing the ALL-NEW Business INsights Community: THE place for training on how to Build a Self Managed Business PLUS Master & Manage Your Internal Equity -- the BEST way to make your dreams come true

This is THE only wealth-building and freedom activation program you’ll find that focuses on your true gold mine: your internal equity.

By examining your inner strengths, behaviours and belief systems, our trainers help identify what factors create the most success for you and show you how to amplify those assets for exponential results. 

This is the major difference that separates Business INsights Community from other business training programs. While other coaches focus only on external roadblocks, our coaching ALSO focuses on improving the most powerful determinant of success: you and your psyche.

We not only understand the principles and strategies required to build a self managed business, but we understand you, including what drives you, what scares you and what impairs you. 

When you start thinking about business this way -- that so much of what drives success is much deeper than external, visible factors -- that’s when major breakthrough begins.

Because, quite honestly, if you keep focusing only on the external side of business, you’re going to burn out really fast. Focusing on the external, without leveraging your wealth-building internal assets, locks you into a vicious cycle of bondage -- in which you MUST be at your desk, logging extensive hours, in order to make money. Who wants to live like that?

We have over 30 years working intimately with the psychology of entrepreneurs and business owners, from business royalty to mum and dad business owners. 

Business INsights Community is open for enrollment

Mardon Business INsights Community will make sure you're working on the right activities, following the right habits, and embracing the principles required to grow a self managed business - giving you more profit, fun and free time.

The goal with this program is to get you to think completely differently about how your mindset, behaviour and habits impact your results. You NEED to know what factors make you the most money; that’s the first step in DESIGNING the life and business you want. Then you need to know how to build a business that can run profitably without you (giving you the freedom to work or not).

This program is for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of working IN your business and are looking for a simpler way
  • You want elite-level business coaching from elite trainers (without the elite price tag)
  • You need regular training to keep you moving forward insuring you are doing all the right things required to build a self managed business.

Business INsights Community (BIC) is for someone who wants direction, deep insight, guidance and accountability on a regular basis to keep moving forward.

It’s PERFECT for people who have taken mainstream business courses and are still NOT making the kind of money they want OR for the person who is making 6-figures in their business and wants to advance to the next level of automation - to build a self managed business.

We will also reserve the BIC program for the amazing people who are not already enrolled in our advanced-level program, Ignite Business Mastery, and are working their way up. If you’re looking for your first step, BIC is it!
What would your life look like if the things holding you back were removed? 

During the last 20 years, we’ve trained business owners to harness their inner wealth reserve, which includes their passions, strengths and habits (your true gold mine), and apply it to their businesses with some really extraordinary results. Check it out...

Learn from the best 

Helping others build wealth, automate their business and live a life of freedom is what Mardon coaches have perfected over the last 20 years. We have a track record of rewriting the future for the thousands of business owners we’ve served. How would you like to:

  • Learn the SAME STEPS that our lead coach used to build and sell multiple million-dollar empires.
  • Learn the SAME STEPS that our CEO and founder used to create a location-free business that he can run from anywhere in the world.
  • Learn the SAME STEPS that our coaches use to play more, vacation more and enjoy more family time.

With the support of coaches who embody and live the practices they teach, you’ll very quickly learn how to grow and prosper -- even when you’re not working.

Take more holidays, earn more money and enjoy life more deeply, while building a self-managed business. You can do it by following our lead -- and you can do it right now.

Safeguard yourself against becoming a slave to your business. And, start working with coaches who have the kind of life you desire!

PLUS (and this is super important) - The business coaches that work with you and teach in BIC are trained to read your unconscious territory. Affectionately known as people readers - they see the internal roadblocks that have been limiting or sabotaging your business for years without you even knowing it - (these sabotages are in your blind spot -  you can't see them in yourself).

This provides you with very powerful insights, breakthroughs and business turn arounds - that you just CAN'T get with coaches who can't read your unconscious territory.  

This is one of the biggest advantages to BIC members? 

The expert-level guidance that a mentor can provide is your success linchpin

So many of you are trying to build a business the long, hard way. BIC coaches demonstrate how to ONLY work on the 6 and 7-figure money-making activities and give the rest of the work to the high-performance team you create. Our coaches lead you through simple principles and strategies that will help you build a self-managed business in a very natural way (based on your unique personality style).

During the last 20 years, we’ve trained business owners to harness their inner wealth reserves, including their passions, strengths and habits (your true gold mine) and apply it to their businesses with some really extraordinary results.

Here’s what the Community includes:

  • Foundational video training starter kit: 12 video recordings on EVERYTHING you need to build a self-managed business, including finding your dream team, setting up systems of process and cultivating a millionaire mindset. It's as easy as pressing “play” and following the step-by-step.

  • 2 x Weekly Training Videos / Audios. Tips designed to guide you in building a self-managed business. Deeper insight into behavioural patterns and expert business tips from people who have built their own self- managed businesses. 

  • 'Weekly - Live workshop on our HD video conferencing system, where we work directly with our BIC members every Tuesday, 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. Bring your business challenges and goals and we will work with you live to find effective solutions. Share your challenges on the Business INsight Community Private Facebook page; then we select as many members as possible within the time frame available.
  • Includes live hot seats (where we work directly with members)
  • Includes Live Q and A sessions
  • Includes Member case studies.
  • You won't get this level of business coaching from an elite panel of experts anywhere else. This in itself is worth 3 x the weekly cost of the program. 

  • Video/audio library full of tips and strategies to help you build a self-managed business.

  • Expert-level feedback forum: Ask questions and get answers from coaches via live streaming Q & A sessions and the Facebook forum.

  • Expert guidance: Obtain advice from Mardon’s panel of business experts, who can advise you on everything from product launch to selling your business for top dollar..

Don't worry about missing out if you can't attend the live portions of the community - everything is recorded and added to the library.

Because of the internet, you can participate easily in the community and it doesn't matter where you're located or what your time zone is. Plus, it allows us to keep enrollment cost super low. An investment of just $29 gets you in the Community and well on your way to creating a sustainable business that can, quite literally, run itself.  After that, you pay just $29 per week to access all Community resources and support.

Let me make this perfectly clear:
$29 gets you in the door of our ALL-NEW Business INsights Community

This community combines our 20+ years of experience in business self-management mastery and monetising your internal equity into a training model that works with every single niche, product and service.

Are YOU ready to go from dreaming your life away to LIVING it?

The Business INsights Community can prepare you for your most successful year ever.

The goal with this program is to get you to think completely differently about how your mindset, behaviour and habits impact your results. Success WILL happen. The real question is, are you ready to receive it? Are you ready to discover the REAL keys to financial abundance and a booming business that can virtually operate itself?

Join for a low $29 a week-to-week membership
No contract, cancel at anytime.

Fair Warning about this special pre-launch offer:

We must limit BIC to 100 participants only, no exceptions. This is so we can provide more targeted attention and more specific guidance to you in both our live streaming Q and A sessions, hotspots and private Facebook group. On Friday the 30th Of June at midnight, this exclusive pre-launch promotion will officially close, so we can shift our focus to all of our new students. In addition, AFTER at midnight, any new community registrations are highly likely be subject to a price increase. If you join NOW however, your price WILL NEVER GO UP unless you cancel!

Buy Now

Early Birds receive our foundational video training starter kit for building a self managed business.. plus we will provide you with lots of quality educational 'members only content' to keep you going to the official start date on Friday the 30th of June.

When you join at this low price, you are locking it in. Your cost will never go up, unless you cancel and rejoin at a later date. 


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