Ignite Business Mastery

Ignite Business Mastery - The Ultimate Support Program For Building A Self-Managed Business

What is it?

  • A small business academy that ignites your best thinking, strongest talents and highest money-making behaviours to achieve the lifestyle you seek.

  • Business coaching that includes EVERYTHING to ignite the brilliant thinking, talents and behaviors that will steer you straight towards a profitable, sustainable business.

  • A coaching program that ignites your best thinking, strongest talents and wealth-building behaviours, creating a powerful foundation for a profitable, self-managed business.

  • An intensive coaching program that ignites your psychological edge, creating a powerful foundation for financial abundance and a worry-free lifestyle.

Includes EVERYTHING you’ll need to ignite a profitable self-managed business 
AND a worry-free lifestyle, in which you never have to stress about money or how you’re going to get more of it

Do you feel like you’re always working ON your business, instead of revelling in the good life?

Does it frustrate you that your business is only earning a tiny fraction of its potential profit -- even though you slave away at it 24/7? In the meantime, the years have passed you by and you feel like any chance of personal freedom has slipped through the cracks.

Here’s the thing: The number one challenge ALL business owners face is how to earn more and enjoy life more, while NOT having to work around the clock.

If you’re like most business owners, you want a business that gives you:

  • More free time to do the things you love
  • A super-efficient team that gets results
  • Astounding wealth
  • A business that can run without your constant attention and input

So, why do these aspirations remain out of reach for the majority of business owners?

Part of the problem is in traditional business coaching. Traditional coaches have instructed you to hustle harder, work longer and do more to drive revenue. Then, and only then, will you be able to achieve your dream life. But let’s be reasonable. How much longer do you really think you can work 50, 60 and 70+ hours a week before you burn out or begin to resent your business?

To compound the problem, mainstream training only provides superficial, surface-level solutions to much deeper business problems. Traditional coaching tells you that by confronting and overcoming the technical, external roadblocks -- the leads, the perfect website, SEO and the like -- all your problems will be solved.

And yet, business owners who go through this type of coaching are still still exhausted, frustrated and struggling financially. Sound familiar?

Sadly, if you think that continuing to hustle longer and harder is the answer to personal and financial freedom, you may be dooming yourself to endless struggle and your business to certain failure.

You deserve better

The reality is, all the hustle in the world won’t make you hundreds of thousands of dollars, as long as your internal foundation is cracked. The fact of the matter is this -- success is about FAR more than just hustling harder and longer. It’s about demolishing obstacles, including the most deeply concealed ones.

Now, let me ask you something else: How would your life change if you could fortify your internal foundation so strongly that your business could practically run itself?

What if you could configure your business to run so smoothly -- without your constant supervision and attention -- that sales, management and operations became just an afterthought?

Imagine what it would be like if you could only figure out how to automate your business. What would that type of knowledge be worth to you? 

An automated, or “self-managed,” business is one that runs efficiently and profitably without you, thereby freeing up more time for travel, family or whatever you want.

The truth is, you are just a few steps away from running one of the most successful, automated businesses in the world. It all boils down to one thing.

Introducing Ignite Business Mastery Training: Ignite Your Income, Minimise Your Time

Achieving a self-running business and carefree lifestyle can be effortless when you have the psychological edge.

You see, your psychology and your potential are intertwined. The decisions you make, the actions you take and the beliefs that guide you -- all of these factors can either make or break your business.

This is the major difference that separates Ignite Business Mastery coaching from mainstream coaching. While other coaches focus only on external roadblocks, our coaching focuses on improving the most powerful determinant of success:  you and your psyche. We not only understand your business model, but we understand you, including what drives you, what scares you and what impairs you.

When you start thinking about business this way -- that so much of what drives success is much deeper than external, visible factors -- that’s when major breakthrough begins.

No one in the world is better qualified to show you how to master that edge than Mardon International. Since our beginning over 20 years ago, our coaches have had the pleasure of working with thousands of small business owners. The number one challenge they all face is how to earn more, while not having to work around the clock.

Combining our renowned expertise in business strategy and human behaviour, Ignite Business Mastery coaches are the only coaches that get into your mind, uncovering the ways in which each unique individual is naturally wired for success. Our cognitive and behavioural-based approach digs below the surface to reveal the pivotal personality traits that best serve your business and the ones that hold it back. Then, and only then, do we address the secondary, technical details of your business.

This is targeted training for those who want to earn more, but are unwilling to surrender their personal time or their passions in the process. This is the place where an elite-level coach works with you individually to create results specific to your business.

If you are serious about getting more clients, making more money and attaining the lifestyle you deserve, then the Ignite Business Mastery Program is for you. It’s the premier wealth-building and lifestyle-making program for business owners who want to maximise their profitability, while minimizing their effort.

If you’ve tried everything else and are still not seeing results, it’s time to tap into your personal equity!

Let us help you reach your goals all year long with Ignite Business Mastery training.

Why You Need Ignite Training

We tell people the hard truth: that you can’t get to where you want to go without confronting your psychological roadblocks. Plus, you need to be in a supportive, long-term training partnership to impart lasting change. To that end, you’ll be assigned a dedicated coach to work with you, virtually, side by side over the next 12 months. When you join our program, there will be work to do. You will be challenged at times, but you will have guidance and help from elite-level coaches through it all.

You’ve probably attended several or more short-term training engagements, in which you received quality information. However, when you go back to your day to day, NO implementation happens. No shift takes place. Here’s why:

Why short-term training rarely works…

  • It’s too short-sighted to craft a clear, effective, long-term action plan or help you achieve results.

  • It lacks a psychological component. Have you ever performed work or took on a project that left you unfulfilled and dissatisfied? That’s because most training disregards your innate talents and behavioural drivers that dictate so much of your success or failure.

  • It lacks the element of accountability. While mainstream training may be effective at first, the average program does not assign you a dedicated coach to hold you accountable to your goals.

If you’re living in a fog of confusion as to what direction
you need to go in next with the powerful skill sets you already have,
the Ignite program will illuminate EXACTLY what you need to do and what steps to take

In 20 years of training, we have only had three people quit our coaching and training programs. For most training companies, post-sale commitment rates fall as low as 50% and average 70% -- that’s a 30% to 50% pull out rate.

Our student commitment rates are very high for two reasons. First, the level of support that clients receive is unmatched in the business coaching industry. We give you the education, mentoring and tools, PLUS you’ll have access to dedicated experts who will help you achieve that. Our coaches are highly vested in your success.

Secondly, our honest, upfront approach means that we deliver on exactly what we promise: we help our clients build self-managed businesses. This truly is a business automation program. Regardless of your niche or industry, what we teach is valuable to any business owner.

Who is this training for? 

This program is the antidote to short-term, “one and done” online business training. You are guaranteed to receive personal attention, lots of peer interaction and community support from the Ignite team.

This program is for you if you dream of:

  • Earning more, while doing less;
  • A life you are in control of; 
  • A flexible schedule you create; and
  • Performing work that matters most to you.

This training is for any new or established business owner who is feeling overwhelmed by their business, unsure of next steps, stressed, overworked and/or is looking for guidance to alleviate current pain points and dismantle hidden or unknown roadblocks.

Regardless of business niche, Ignite Business Mastery training is perfect for you if:

  1. You have a profound interest in what makes you tick.
  2. You have a strong desire to be successful in business, but not always be working on your business.
  3. You are lifestyle-oriented and want your business to support that lifestyle.

Here is just a small segment of topics we’ll cover in Ignite Business Mastery training:

Developing Passive Income Models

Hiring a VA

Driving organic traffic & sales

Creating Income Continuity


Time Optimization

Recruiting Winners

Social Media Marketing

Accounting & Tax Planning


Effective Planning



Tapping Into Your Personal Equity


Identify Time-Wasting Activities

Eliminate Black Holes, Roadblocks & Blind Spots

Email Marketing

Emotional Consequences


Patterns of Behaviour

Critical Awareness

What’s Supporting You, What’s Sabotaging You

Self-mastery and Self-actualization



Here’s what your Ignite training includes...

Remember: Unlike mainstream business coaching that only focuses on external factors, our innovative approach focuses on your internal performance factors. This includes the brilliant thinking, money-making talents and all-star behaviors that will steer you straight towards greater profits, customer retention and growth. This program diagnoses precisely what your greatest performance traits are, so you can leverage them for success at work and in life.

In this year-long program, our coaches pack all the powerful, time-tested ideas and strategies that we’ve been teaching for over 20 years. Every single one of them is knowledge-based and results-focused. And, because of the Internet, we can meet together easily, and it doesn’t matter where you’re located or what your time zone is. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. Mind Sparks Training: In this foundational training, our coaches start off by honing your psychological edge and tapping into your personal equity. We’ll guide you on how to:
    • Find the 6 and 7-figure income producing skillsets you already possess and capitalising on them -- this is true wealth!
    • Rewire stale thinking and unproductive habits, replacing them with the highest revenue-generating behaviours for your business.
    • Obtain clarity on the pivotal actions that best serve your business and eliminate the ones that are holding it back.
    • Ignite a lifestyle that is congruent with what you value most.

  1. Personalized Attention & Total support: You’ll be assigned a dedicated coach and you’ll receive four coaching sessions in the first two months of the program (Gold level program members will receive an additional 10 sessions).

  2. Live Online Group Business Training: Sessions are recorded and added to our private knowledge vault for anytime accessibility. Over half of group training time is spent examining your psychological roadblocks and the remainder of the time is spent discussing, as a group, the common business challenges that you’re experiencing and HOW to fix them.

  3. Mind Tools: This component includes two human potential workbooks that will test your Mind Sparks training knowledge and leave you feeling more equipped and empowered to profit.

  4. Living Your Vision: A 12-hour audio series for you to listen to at your leisure, Living Your Vision is designed to support and reinforce your Mind Sparks learning objectives.

  5. Learning that will support you for a lifetime: You’ll have lifetime access to $150,000 worth of training videos and other resources for anytime, anywhere viewing. And, the knowledge we teach is evergreen, meaning it will always work for your business -- it will never be outdated.

  6. Done-for-you marketing templates: No need to hire a professional marketer. You’ll receive exclusive members-only access to A-to-Z marketing resources that you can legally use in your business to make money fast. You don’t just get streaming access to these, you’ll own them for the life of your business.

  7. Six-Step Freedom Formula: There are six things you must do to build a business that can thrive without you. In the 6 Step Freedom Formula, you’ll learn how to:
    • Step 1 -  Develop a Wealth Psychology -- think like a millionaire!
    • Step 2 -  Manage Time Like the Millionaire Entrepreneurs -- and increase productivity by 25%.
    • Step 3 - Develop Systems to Support Business Automation -- we’ll look at when to outsource, who to hire and what to implement.
    • Step 4 - Attract and Recruit High Performers -- a step-by-step recruitment system to repel “comfort seekers” and attract top performers, which are vital to your business success.
    • Step 5 - Lead with Confidence, Purpose and Intention -- naturally get your team, peers and customers to value you more.
    • Step 6 - Understand the Personality Profiles of Customers and Staff -- earn more revenue and gain more respect by relating better to those you depend on.

  1. Facebook Group Community Space: a members only private space where you can receive expert advice on all your business questions. Our coaching experts are here daily to facilitate Q&A.

  2. Expert Accountability: you’ll receive a monthly email reminder to complete an online accountability questionnaire, in which you will gauge progress on your goals and any pitfalls encountered to date.

  3. Access to business experts in your area of need. Our experts provide guidance on everything from marketing your business to selling it for top dollar.


As a member of the Ignite Business Mastery Program you get access to a world-class,
academy-level business education valued at over $150,000

Meet Your Coach - Damian Street!

A sought-after educator, successful entrepreneur and astute leader, Damian Street specialises in empowering and equipping business owners with everything they need to operate a robust, self-governing enterprise. He is the premier trainer for our signature program, Ignite Business Mastery.

Mardon International’s elite business and lifestyle coach, Damian Street, has helped thousands of business owners across the globe streamline operations and automate revenue, so they can enjoy life more fully.

Damian has spent more than 35 years educating and advising corporate managing directors on vital topics that result in exponential cash flow and stunning growth. An established business owner himself, Street has built six businesses (in accountancy, education, finance, law, real estate and retail) successfully from the ground up.

Today, Damian empowers and equips our clients to build robust, self-governing businesses by utilising his experience in structuring, governing, franchising and strategic planning. With degrees in business (Harvard Business School), law (Queensland University) and accounting, he provides a solid foundation on which to help Mardon clients create a business and lifestyle they love.

Are you ready to elevate your business to something that is profitable, sustainable and basically runs itself?

Are you ready to double your time off and do the things you love?

Rewrite your future. We’ll help you do it, step by step, over the next 12 months. Our coaches virtually walk you through everything you need to build an empire on autopilot. If you’ve struggled with previous courses, THIS will be the one that finally enables you to walk away from your business, while still generating the cash flow needed to take multiple vacations, spend more time with family and get out of the exhaustive 24/7 loop.

Yes SEND me my FREE information.

For just a fraction of the cost of other online short-term training programs, you’ll have access to a dedicated business coach, ongoing academy-level group training and all the tools you need to reach your business and lifestyle goals faster than ever. Please register your intertest and we will send you all the nessesary information.


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