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Imagine What You Could Achieve With The Guidance, Experience and Insight Of Your Own Private Business Coach?

There’s a BIG misconception that if you have all the right tools, devote 90% of your time to marketing and implementing the latest systems, then all your business problems will be solved. Sales will increase. Life will get easier. And, you’ll be steps closer to achieving the ultimate goal:  a business that runs itself.

The BIG reality is that many, if not most, small business owners have bought into this misconception. They’re spending money on high-tech tools, systems and ads.

Yet they’re still struggling financially, feeling overwhelmed and overworked, leaving very little or no time for personal freedom. They’re still very much a servant to their business.

What if I told you that virtually everything you’ve been struggling with has nothing to do with external assets?

What if I told you there was a simpler way to open the doors to cash results and personal freedom -- to the virtually effortless, automated business of your dreams? And what if you had a private coach to show you the way?

Because more often than not, it’s the internal assets that determine your level of success. It’s the internal drivers that produce cash fast and streamline operations.

If you’re ready to uncover the real truth about what’s holding back your business...and if you’re ready to experience a big shift -- one that does not involve buying more tools, implementing new systems or working more hours, then you’ll want to keep reading.

What if you had a private coach to show you the way?

As a business owner, you have a drive to influence people, do work you love and accomplish more in less time so that you can relish the good life.

But when you follow a day-to-day series of activities that are incompatible with your internal “wiring,” it negatively impacts everything around you, from your ability to lead a team to your company’s bottom line.

Think about it: it takes a lot of energy to uphold draining, counterproductive habits. This is precious energy that could otherwise be devoted to work that guarantees blockbuster revenue and plenty of leisure time.

Additionally, when we are forced to carry out activities against our natural design, we tend to struggle with them and approach these activities with low energy and zero motivation. These activities are typically not what we thrive at, or even enjoy, doing.

On the other hand, there are activities in which business success flows naturally because those activities are aligned with our innate strengths. When business activities are aligned with our natural wiring, we excel at them and, even more importantly, we feel joy while pursuing them.

  • Wouldn’t you like to know the personal qualities that are responsible for driving business growth and the ones that are responsible for undermining it?
  • Wouldn’t you like to know the hidden talents you already possess, which you can leverage to hit sales targets or business goals consistently?

These internal assets represent a gold mine for your business. But without knowing them and using them to their fullest potential, your business will always fall short of its goals. You’ll always be a slave to your work. And you may never get to live the carefree life of your dreams.

In an attempt to up-level your business, you may have bought one or more mainstream coaching programs that the online marketplace seems to be flooded with. The number one failing of these programs is that they don’t help you uncover and capitalise on the 6 and 7-figure-generating skills you already have.

You’re a high achiever and want to know exactly what is stopping you from achieving the results you deserve, but need someone with deep insight to assist you in gaining real clarity.

Imagine if you could unearth precisely which personality traits and behaviours are responsible for generating untold wealth for your business and which ones are responsible for capsizing it. Imagine if you could uncover exactly which talents you can leverage to create a self-managed business -- one that can run effortlessly without you always working at it. Imagine if you could pulverise the roadblocks that have been hindering your business’ growth for months, if not years.

What would that information be worth to you? How would your life change for the better?

If you’re ready to find out, we’re ready to lead the charge.  

Welcome to Mardon 1-on-1 Elite Coaching

Combining our renowned expertise in business and human behaviour, our coaches “get into your mind”, uncovering the specific ways in which you are naturally wired for success. Simply put, our coaching helps you invest 100% more of your best thinking, best gifts and highest revenue-generating behaviours into your business.

Our 1-on-1 coaching can also help if you're facing a business challenge, but you're unable to see the exact nature of it or how to demolish it. You’ll receive a life-changing analysis of the cognitive, behavioural and instinctive strengths that will help you blast current roadblocks, so you can attain real, measurable results.

Finally, this coaching is also structured to expedite the path to running a self-managed business, by advising you on the best possible strategies personalised to you. 

In just a single one-on-one coaching session, your coach will help you to:

1. Unearth precisely which personality traits and behaviours are responsible for generating great wealth for your business. Uncover exactly which talents you can leverage to create a self-managed business -- one that can run effortlessly without you always working at it.

2. Identify the personality traits and behaviours that are responsible for limiting or sabotaging your business and wealth (and are probably contributing to your present business problems.

3. Identify and hone in on your business’ top revenue-generating activities. Identifying the behaviour patterns, gifts, strengths and roles that reside solely in your personal profit zone enables you to focus on what truly builds your business fast.

4. Eliminate time-draining, low-value activities that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Our coaching not only helps you pinpoint and take action on the highest value activities that will help your business grow, profit and win, it will help you eliminate, automate or delegate activities that are holding you hostage around the clock.

5. Do work you love and excel at, every day. You’ll finally be able to clear off your desk and focus on where you can make your most profitable contribution. Advice on the best possible strategies to expedite your path to running a self-managed business 

Why You Need Mardon 1-on-1 Coaching

Why do business owners struggle and frequently fail to achieve the ultimate goal - a self-managed business and easygoing lifestyle - on their own?

Here’s why: Nearly every business owner engages in self-sabotaging behaviours and habits -- basically, ways of operating that prevent them from achieving important goals. The majority of business owners aren’t even aware of them. Unfortunately, until you are aware, nothing changes.

If you don't understand these damaging behaviours and how to eliminate them accordingly, sadly, your business will forever remain “status quo.” You’ll move onward, continuing to stay the course, but never upward.

Also, many business owners would otherwise go on for years, repeating the same mistakes time after time, and not understand why. Or, they’re unable to recognize the innate assets that truly benefit their business the most.

The result is extensive rework, abysmal sales AND the loss of precious time as you try in vain to apply external fixes to internal challenges. But, the most unfortunate result is that you remain chained to day-to-day business operations forever.

For over 20 years, we have used our behavioural expertise to help our clients achieve major business breakthroughs. As mentioned earlier, NO one teaches the specifics on how to uncover and capitalise on the 6 and 7-figure-generating skills you already have. When you know how you function the best, you can then put those functions into action, and become the successful leader you were born to be.

We navigate unconscious, unexplored territory. This one factor makes our coaching paradigm totally unique; it has not been replicated in the industry. We have the vital skills that no other business coach or consultant has; the kind of skills that enable you to tap into your business’ true gold mine: the high-dollar behaviours that ultimately lead to a self-managed business and a life of freedom. This competitive advantage has given us ironclad protection from competitors and enduring loyalty from clients.

No one else teaches what we teach and no one else delivers the results that we do. 

Claim Your Spot on Our 2017 Coaching Roster

This is Mardon’s highest-level of personalised coaching available and has a track record of helping entrepreneurs work and stress less, while earning and enjoying life more.

Our time-tested methods help you get results in any business, any industry. Retail store owners, chiropractors, construction managers, salon owners and many more have achieved tremendous success with our methods.

The bottom line is, if you feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail in your business and you’re still not living a life of freedom, then there may be a deeper-level problem. This coaching is for you.

In just one coaching session, we facilitate major business breakthroughs by unearthing your internal roadblocks and reading your unconscious patterns. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your coach finds out what you are struggling with in your business (or your life if you so choose). Challenges or issues you may be having in any area of your business, marketing, staff, finances etc
  2. Your coach helps identify leading edge strategic solutions to your challenges.

  3. Your coach examines underlying, unconscious patterns of operation, as well as behavioural and emotional drivers that are contributed to the decisions that helped cause the challenge / issue in the first place (without bring these to your awareness - the problem will keep showing up in your business - regardless of the practical strategies your coach gives you). These are thought patterns and actions that you are simply unaware of -- they key factors that are either contributing to your success or robbing you of it.

  4. From the discovery performed in step 3, your coach then identifies your gifts, natural areas of genius, business strengths etc- which always correlates to the highest value activities that you should be working on. This also includes identification of any hidden high-value talents you already possess, which you can easily leverage to hit your profit targets consistently.

  5. Finally, your coach’s discoveries from steps 1 and 2 are documented for you in a road map -- a formal report that’s yours to keep.

    The more deeply you understand your unconscious territory, the more effective you’ll be in taking action on the things that drive unstoppable cash results and personal freedom. 

Your Coaching Includes:

  • A one-hour session with an elite-level coach

  • Recording of the live session for you to keep and refer back to. For best results, we advise that you to listen to the session at least once a month for a 12-month period.

  • A personalised road map, describing your top producing skill sets and how to monetise them more fully, plus work-ons for the coming months - strategic and mental / emotional development .

Mardon one-on-one coaching touches on the dynamics of behavioural impacts on business that so many other coaches leave out, while saving you time and helping you earn more money. That is the most important part of this program: creating cash results, demolishing roadblocks and transforming your life by capitalising on your best thinking, strongest talents and highest wealth-building behaviours. 

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Update: We currently have 15 OPENINGS left on our 1-on-1 roster for March / April 2017 

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