What It Means To Be A Conscious Business Owner - The Tools, The Techniques & The Benefits (Episode 1)

In this episode Perry Mardon and Gabrielle Denman start to dig deep into what it means to be a conscious business owner, what it takes to be conscious,  the resistances, challenges and hurdles all people face in becomin...

Stop Getting Angry At Your Kids! Become An Emotionally Present Mother And Business Owner

How many times in a day do you get frustrated, agitated and irritated at your kids?

Is it them? Or are you getting impatient with them because you have 1,000,000 things going on in your business and in your mind?

Rejection! – Is The Fear Of Rejection Destroying Your Profit?

What are you doing to avoid that dreaded feeling of being rejected? You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are always trying to avoid?

The feeling that has haunted you back as far as childhood when ...

The Two Ways To Juggle Mother And Business Roles Successfully

One of the hardest thing in business, for a woman, is to successfully navigate being a wife, mother AND businessperson.

Sometimes it can seem downright impossible to navigate it at all. A lot of the time, juggling the...

How Saying No To Your Customers Will Save Your Business

Discover how saying no to your customers will grow your business. Many business owners try to please everyone, including all their customers. Contrary to the way these business owners think - this behaviour often has a negat...

3 Ways Putting Others First Sabotages Your Business

I want to acknowledge that some of the following comments may push some buttons or ‘trigger’ some people when they first read it. If you are one of them, but are willing to read on…even if it makes you fee...

Are You Too Caring And Nice To Run A Successful Business?

Customers are going to LOVE you for being caring and nice. These are two traits that have customers coming back to a business over and over again. It creates trust. And more importantly, it creates LOYALTY.

Your People Pleaser Is Killing Your Business

It is one of the patterns that I so commonly come across in business. And even more so women in business. It is the part of you that feels that it needs to say ‘yes’ to everyone and everything, and has you comple...

4 Signs Your Staff Are Taking Advantage Of Your Kind Nature

You’re a great boss, right? Your staff are always telling you that. In fact, you have some staff members who have been with you since the beginning – they are like family!

 Sound familiar? Pretty good...

3 Signs You Are A Chronic People Pleaser - And It’s Limiting Your Business Success

As a business owner, do you pride yourself on being a ‘nice person’? 

Do you say ‘Yes’ - when you really want to say ‘No’ - then find yourself filled with regret?

Does e...

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