Starting With The End In Mind



 Have you been lying to yourself all this time?


You might have been lying to yourself about your business and investing.


Why did you start doing it? What’s your end goal ...

How To Deal With Staff Turnover


Staff turnover can be one of the most terrifying things to a business owner. After all, you’re depending on them to run your business - and then they just decide to leave?!


Relax. It’s all part of running a business. The current rate of turnover in most Australian businesses is around 15% per year. Some...

Deep Dive Case Study


 To be a successful and profitable business owner or investor, a LOT of things must fall into place.


You’ve got to have solid strategies, expertise, a high-performing team. There are procedures and policie...

Fight, Flight, or Serenity? How Do You Adapt to Change in Your Business


There is one universal constant: change. And this scares the heck out of a lot of business owners. Devoting a lot of time to something solid and having that foundation shift underneath you can bring up some extremely strong emotions.


Our fight or flight response is our body’s natural way of coping with change. Unfortunately, i...

Procrastination Buster

If you have ever struggled with procrastination, a lack of willpower, or too little energy or time, then this podcast is a “must listen”.


Brendan Kelly from Results Property Mentoring talked to our very o...

Tired Of Juggling Motherhood And Business? Here's How To Get Your Mojo Back



You’ve come a long way, baby. It’s too bad that you’re not really sure if where you are is where you wanted to be. Those inner demons that you thought that you’d successfully quashed out of university are back, and they’re back with a vengeance!<...

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Profit



A couple of days ago, I had to make some quick copies so I went to a copy shop. There were a couple people behind the counter. One was taking care of the customers, the other was running around ragged&he...

The Energy Of Money & Perry's Oasis

You have the ability to activate your natural abundance energy to attract and build wealth as an investor or business person


That’s the 'little known' secret concept underlying the practice of managing your energy for vastly improved wealth creation.


And it's enjoyable...(the opposite of hard work). One that doesn't involve more hard work, stress - one that involves opening the heart, dropping stress and experiencing joy st...

The Power Of Money Stories



Perry's Oasis for Business Owners and Investors

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For the Control Freaks - Let go and let your business run without you


Every business owner undergoes several rites of passage as they raise a business up from a simple idea. Things like setting out your shingle, first sale, first year open, turning a profit, etc. Achieving these means that your business is stable and secure. You’re in control. You’ve mastered your business!



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